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We concede RWL is small by comparison to some of our competitors.  But we can offer a premium, personalized experience. RWL is the only NATA accredited laboratory for E.coli between Coffs Harbour and Tweed Heads. Assurance and insurance that public drinking water tested within hours of sampling, is free from harmful bacteria within 24 hours.

Our core business is water and wastewater. Our laboratory is not contaminated by mining waste or dust. A laboratory where experience predicates handling and testing care to ensure the highest standards of accuracy are achieved. A laboratory where staff are examining the data prior to reporting. Experience to know that compartmentalizing groups of tests, frequencies, locations, & tests making publicly accessible files easy to read.

Analytical methods are derived from the current edition of “Standard Methods for the Examination of Waters & Wastewaters”. A critical and industry best practice reference for water and wastewater laboratories.

We are offering you the opportunity to work with a team of competent staff – not juniors, not students. Analysts that have been in the water testing business up to 30 years. A team that prides itself on customer service, accuracy and turnaround time. A team of locals.

We don’t compromise on our analytical strengths. When we outsource your samples, we partner with the best NATA laboratories in the business. We quality assure subcontract results & integrate them into one neat RWL report.