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Australian Drinking Water Guidelines

When you look at a water test report, the values reported for each parameter may seem confusing. What do these values mean? The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) provide a framework for defining water that is safe to drink. With these guidelines providing context, individuals can make informed decisions about their water quality. Click on the following links below to access information about Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

2004 Australian Drinking Water Guideline Table


Rainwater Tanks

While it makes sense to harvest the clean, purified water which falls out of the sky, there are a number of factors which can compromise the quality of this water. The following fact sheet from the NSW Department of Health may be useful for maintaining rainwater tanks

Water, water every where…

Overflowing tanks are often a welcome sight to those who rely on rainwater for their domestic use, especially as it often means no more timed showers! While extra flushing may improve water quality, it is still advisable to have drinking water tested on a regular basis.