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Australian water laboratory specialised in water quality testing in NSW

Water Quality Testing & Analysis

Richmond Water Laboratories (RWL) is an established, NATA-accredited environmental laboratory focused on sampling, testing and analysing water quality.

From our lab in Lismore’s CBD (Northern Rivers, NSW) we provide efficient and accurate analysis of water tests for clients all around New South Wales.

Our experienced team of analytical technicians give the same level of friendly, personal attention and dedicated customer service to all our clients, large and small.

RWL is a business unit of Rous County Council. Operating since 2000, we take pride in the part our lab plays in assuring the quality of our most precious resource – water.

What we do

Our specialty is analysing water to assess drinking water quality, and we offer a range of tests designed for rainwater tanks and bores, up to large reticulated water systems.

We also test the environmental quality of waste water and effluent, as well as run off and leachates from contaminated and landfill sites.

Who can use our services

Anyone can use the services of our professional water laboratory.

Our clients include Rous County Council, local councils in NSW, government agencies, farmers, individuals who own water tanks, bores and swimming pools, business such as pumping & irrigation, agriculture, nurseries and real estate, industries such as building & construction, manufacturing and health care, and environmental groups – to name a few.

Our advanced LIMS reporting system, which enables registered clients to track sample progress and results, is especially helpful for our council clients.

Why choose us

At RWL, we are accurate, efficient and affordable. We have a strong focus on quality, have NATA accreditation for more than 60 water, wastewater and soil tests, and employ a full-time sampling officer.

Our laboratory is centrally located in Northern NSW and easily accessible for sample deliveries. See more reasons to choose RWL.

Where to start

Rainwater Tanks

While it makes sense to harvest the clean, purified water which falls out of the sky, there are a number of factors which can compromise the quality of this water. The following fact sheet from the NSW Department of Health may be useful for maintaining rainwater tanks

Water, water every where…

Overflowing tanks are often a welcome sight to those who rely on rainwater for their domestic use, especially as it often means no more timed showers! While extra flushing may improve water quality, it is still advisable to have drinking water tested on a regular basis.